Media: Lisa Benson, Jim Randolph, Sue Robison

Counselors: Carol Yochem, Lynn Cook

Office: Sherry Phillips, Holly Eck, Linda Williams, Karen Wesson, Kathy Davenport, Paulette Rease, Connie Stewart

Support Areas

​Specials: Dawn Blount, Ali Burrous, Katie Long, Melissa Barnes, Amy Witmer, Jenny Bell, Gretchen Weible

EST. 2009 ~ where excellence is the expectation

Resource: Christine Cooper, Carla Basile, Christine Brandigi-Clark, Peter Fuller

Front row left to right: Megan Leahy, Kim Bakes, Talitha Jeffrey

Focus/ELL/Coaches/Reading Recovery: Lisa O'Neal, Chrissy McFadden, Alicia Teague, Amanda Bryce, Katrina Ferebee

1725 Grayson Highway, Grayson, GA 30017 | Phone 678-344-6100 | Fax 678-344-3296

Principal, Mrs. Rachel Ernst

​Custodians: Ivan Mindrescu, Asim Ikic, William Poteat, Sarah Smith, Sherell Holley, Donnie Ramnath